Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Middle Fork American River Trip Dates 2015


Here are the rest of this season's Middle Fork American trip dates:

UPDATES (see below) as of 081115 / CA State Parks

AUG: sat, sun, tues, thurs, frid + 8/24 through 8/30th

SEPT: Labor Day weekend; sat, sun sept 1/tues, 9/6sun, 9/7mon

Call to reserve: 888.723.8938

DIY Reservations:
SFCB : http://raftwet-store.com/onedaysofoam2.html
SFG : http://raftwet-store.com/onedaysofoam3.html
MFTC : http://raftwet-store.com/onedaymifoam.html
MFCD : http://raftwet-store.com/onedaymifoam1.html

You know the drill.
Signing off until the next post...

Written by: Elizabeth Lopez
For W.E.T. River Trips 

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Oh, California, you are still most beautiful. With skies so blue, we linger while sipping our coffee or tea and looking out our watery eyes on the quiet landscape around the rivers. In this year of limits, we are able to go rafting. On two rivers, we paddle the whitewater as aggressively as before. And, we approach this weekend as we have the last 37 years on our guided whitewater rafting trips.

It's time to go rafting! California's benchmark, this weekend, guides us carefully through the treachery of the holiday. So many people, so much to do, and the Gods above have deemed the weather in the 80's with a high of 84 degrees. Perfection!

Two rivers to go rafting: South Fork American and Middle Fork American River. Both very popular with the populations in Southern California, San Francisco Bay Area, and our Valley communities. Our office resides in the state capitol of Sacramento. Just an hour from the river. Traveling in cars and riding Hwy 50 or Hwy 80 corridor will take you there.

Every outfitter is vying for the guests. Every single one of us. With a lot of new outfitters taking over older companies, we step back and remember 37 years of friends, families, scouts, youth groups and corporations who have gone rafting with us since 1978.

We love all of you. Sincerely. We do. Join us for Memorial Day Weekend and go rafting!
We got Whitewater!

Online store discounts:

Call us 888.723.8938!
Or visit the links above to diy reservations!
(Please reserve at least 24-48 hours before the trip date)

Photos by: W.E.T. River Trips
Blog written by: Elizabeth Lopez

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Middle Fork American is a river near Auburn just northeast of Sacramento, California. One of the prettiest rivers in our whitewater arsenal, we expect that we can raft the river every year. This year, our season will have some restrictions on some days throughout our calendar.

What this means in such a drastically low water year, is that we will be rafting this river. Why are we able to have water when the entire state is so dry? Well, there's this thingy called the FERC. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regulates the flow for energy contracts to allow this river to have water in our 2015 season.

When the powers to be announced 7-day flow way back in January, I wondered. Then they said it again in February. I knew it couldn't be true. How? How can they allow everyday water when there was no snow pack or rain?

Now we just received an email giving us the schedule for Middle Fork American River flows.

MF FLOW DATES: all weekends plus more!

MAY: Memorial Day weekend; sat, sun, mon, sat, sun for rest of month

JUNE: sat, sun, june 30/tues

JULY: sat, sun, tues, frid, july 3

UPDATES (see below) as of 081115 / CA State Parks

AUG: sat, sun, tues, thurs, frid + 8/24 - 8/30th (don't ask, lol)

SEPT: Labor Day weekend; sat, sun sept 1/tues, sun9/6only, mon9/7

We will send out our announcements in our social media and also through email. I have a feeling that there will be a scramble for dates this year!

  • Wanna know more? Read this: http://relicensing.pcwa.net/html/whatis/whatis.php
  • American Whitewater (organization, not outfitter): https://www.americanwhitewater.org/content/Project/view/id/mfamerican-rubicon/

Written by Elizabeth Lopez
Blogging for W.E.T. River Trips

Monday, June 30, 2014

4th of July 2014 with W.E.T. River Trips

Monday, before the 4th of July, is usually full of chaos at the office. All last minute plans go into effect as everyone tries desperately to make a holiday for that 3-day weekend.  Like me. Oh, yes, I had plans. Multiple plans that went by the wayside as each day ticked by and now, it's Monday. Monday before the Fourth of July! Emails and phone calls will be extreme this week... weather will be hot this week, too!
4th of July with WET River Trips will keep you cool!

Discounts, Deals: 7/2/Wed; 7/3/Thurs; 7/4/Frid; 7/5/Sat; 7/6/Sun:::

One day trips
1-day South Fork American Chili Bar run with lunch
1-day South Fork American Gorge run with lunch
1-day Middle Fork American Tunnel Chute run with lunch

All include (1) night camping
2-day South Fork American Standard at Camp Lotus with (4) meals
2-day South Fork American Wilderness Camp with (4) meals
2-day Middle Fork American Wilderness Trip with (4) meals
2-day American River Combo (2 rivers in 2 days)

Multiple day trips
3-day Middle Fork American Wilderness Trip
3-day American River Combo (2 rivers in 3 days)

Call us for pricing: 888.723.8938
Best rates: Groups of (12) people or more

Photo: BigPoppah and on WET Flickr
Post by: ~EL

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Talk About the Weather!

Holy smokes! We just had the hottest weather evah! 106 degrees in Sacramento and everyone in the valley just melted into oblivion; enjoying the heat and the rivers nearby. Summer has arrived with the hint of more heat blasts to come as the sun slipped behind clouds this morning and presented a lovely cooler day for all of us.

California Rafting South Fork American with WET River Trips
South Fork American River in June 2014
Whitewater rafting is now. We have regular summer flows everyday on the South Fork American except on Tues, Wed. And on Middle Fork American River, we have flows every single day through September.

Don't believe me? Well, check out the all the WET photos on WET Facebook facebook.com/wetrivertrips or on our photo site with Flickr at flickr.com/photos/wetrivertrips. All great shots of whitewater madness and happy faces in 2014. Oh, yes, we have been on the rivers since early March 2014.

Part of our crew is on the Klamath River and just ended a 4-day camping and rafting trip up in the Great North. We can't wait to see the photos of those Scouts on that trip. Klamath River multiple day trips are our crew's favorite! 4-6 days on the river... vacation! Wildlife, wilderness and plenty of water, Klamath River trips have the most bang for the buck.

A LIST of RIVERS to RAFT in 2014:

South Fork American runs everyday except Tues, Wed for Class 3-3+ (novice, min age 8yrs)
Middle Fork American runs everyday for Class 3-4+ (athletic novice, experienced, min age 12yrs).
Klamath River runs now through September everyday for Class 2-3+ (novice, min age 8yrs).

Three of the best rivers in California are still operating.
Where are you gonna be this summer?

Written: ~ EL
Photos: W.E.T. River Trips

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Tales from the Crypt ~ California Rafting

South Fork American River ~ Surfing the Chili Bar Hole
Our California rafting trips are in full swing.  On Saturday, we had various lively groups on South Fork American River. The crew is jelling nicely. Though on Friday, we had one mishap. 

A party of 2 were left behind at the campground and missed the shuttle. They had come all the way from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We had them placed with another group from Wisconsin. I answered the phone call that morning way past the designated meeting time. And, when I realized that the couple had missed their trip, I panicked. I felt sick to my stomach.

The crew said they checked in the other guests at the designated time at our kiosk. The waylaid guest had walked around the campground looking for the crew; never seeing the kiosk or WET. They parked at the top before you entered the campground. The headguide and the client just missed each other. Just missed the pick-up by moments... by a set of circumstances that waylaid the guest's trip.

Our SF driver picked up the missing guests and drove them to the put-in. They made their trip! And... a fun time was had by all! Yes! 

I love rafting. And when we can't give a client the whitewater trip, we were all very upset. Especially, when something this dumb happens. The guest was so cool. He was a former paddler from California. We've invited him back as our guest the next day. His gracious understanding just emphasizes why we're in this business. The people who love rivers are just that... the most gracious and wonderful people that you'll ever meet.

Ok... the rest of you... let's go! Let's go rafting! 'Cause, We Got Whitewater!

Over and out... Tales from the crypt.
~ EL

Written by staff member, EL.
Photo by W.E.T. River Trips 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

In just a few more days, California will be celebrating Memorial Day weekend. Weather has been beautiful, cool and inviting for those of us who love the outdoors. With the crazy weather we have experienced lately, it's a miracle that we have whitewater this season.

California Rafting South Fork American
California Whitewater Rafting with W.E.T. River Trips

Rivers are in our veins. Pulses through the arteries and strips clean our souls. We love rivers. We love them so much that since 1978, W.E.T. River Trips has rafted the entire Western United States on every river out there. But, we speak of now. And, now, the rivers are mostly lower due to a lack of snowfall. Only a few chosen rivers are running this year.


South Fork American: class 3-3+, ideal for novice, families, youth groups and events
Middle Fork American: class 3-4+, ideal for athletic novice or experienced paddler, older youth groups, bachelor groups, team-building
Klamath River: class 2-3, ideal for beginners, novice, families, youth groups and events
Call: 888.723.8938 for reservations

The rivers will have good flows; remarkable as most other rivers will not. If anything changes, there will be some clues to look for based on past year's experiences.

Check the flows daily. Look for patterns in the release schedule and compare with historical data. If you get a series of drastic highs and lows outside of the realm of release schedules, then you might hesitate until you have a dialogue with the rafting company. Call them and ask questions. Email them and ask questions. Have the dialogue and really listen to their responses.

Whitewater rafting is a complex sport. The requirements can be minimal or a mind-boggling litany of lists for group trips. In spring, you have to wear gear. Colder weather means whitewater gear which includes a wetsuit or a dry suit. Warmer weather means bathing suits, shorts and tennis shoes. And, that is where we are today. Memorial Day weekend coming up next in Sacramento! Only 45 minutes to the whitewater!

As the rest of you take part in the hilarity of partying, I will personally be thanking and sending prayers to my dad for his military service for our nation. Thank you, Dad, for giving me the life I have now. And as I enjoy rafting on the river this year, I will be blessed with friends, great food, and the our beautiful community, planet earth. 

Call 888.723.8938 for reservations.
Visit our online store raftwet-store.com to purchase rafting trips.
Have a great summer!

California rafting with WET River Trips
W.E.T. River Trips since 1978 "We Got Whitewater!"

Written: ~ EL
Photos by: W.E.T. River Trips
WET River Trips was founded in 1978 in California