Friday, January 08, 2010

Bachelor Party

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The wedding is only 5 more months away! The planning started the minute I said, "Yes!" I want a big wedding with all my friends and all my relatives. We know we want to keep it simple as far as the location. I really don't want to ask my dad to front mega bucks for an overseas wedding... not even to Hawaii! We plan to keep the wedding in California at a local church that is known for its beautiful interiors and stain glass windows. We will have the reception outdoors at a very cool place that specializes in wedding receptions. So, I am feeling pretty good about the plans.

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I do want all the details to be set in stone at least 3 months before the wedding, so I am scrambling now to get that done. My maid of honor is throwing me a bachelorette party and the best man is doing the bachelor party for my future husband. OMG! My future husband... that sounds so nice.

From Spring Middle Fork 2009

My soon to be hubbie is not the stripper-party-type of guy. Been there, done that... he wants to see his old buddies from college and get together for one last hurrah. Me, too. I just want to hang out with my girlfriends that I've known since high school. Both of us want to remember these bachelor parties forever! We already know we will remember the wedding... as long as we live.

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One of my close friends did a whitewater rafting trip in California. I was there and I had a blast. We are still talking about it! So, I want to do something like that and maybe go to Tahoe after for a night on the town. My beau wants to do something similar but he wants to do a really tough class 4 river to challenge his friends... an adventurous group of guys who do a lot of stuff in the outdoors.

From Spring Middle Fork 2009

California trips include so many things and my goal is to have these parties organized before we do the other details. I am planning now and talking to the rafting company to help me organize it. My future husband has already booked a North Fork American class 4 run with this company to get his party started, and they are going in late April.

This wedding will be memorable... not only for the wedding, but what we share with our best friends! ... now it's time to look for my wedding dress!

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