Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Family, Love and Tradition


Family rafting

Our connections to one another have never been stronger and never more pertinent.
The nuclear family has changed for sure and for ever and that is a very good thing. Our iconoclastic, cellular, and micro-concept-manifest destiny that embodied the Ozzie & Harriet wax-statue family values that stereotyped our collective visions of the American Family for too many decades has been shattered and with good cause: Change Happens.

Our families have changed for good. Our families have become larger, more diverse, and non-traditional. That non-tradition had become a new tradition of richness and invigorating freshness.

Thanksgiving 2008 is a mixed bag of emotion that ranges from the economy to Barack Obama to the choice to serve a Vegan meal instead of the flesh of foul. Let's celebrate what we have become and what we are yet to be...

This year our family has diversified, flexed, re-focused and moved toward new frontiers while "embracing change". We will meet together this Thursday with a brilliant conflagaration of individuals that bring their unique talents, thoughts, gifts, and needs to the magic table of "Fun Castle" with a bounty of food, drink, music, art, and conversation. Sure we'll talk about whitewater rafting, trips, music, events, the economy, jobs, and fun/fun/fun ....but, we do it together as a diverse and flexible family of friends, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, cousins, and mystery members ...Thanks to all.


(Hail to the flesh...fowl and faux!)
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