Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Organizing Group Trips - LOL!

I want to share something with you all. My nightmare of trying to organize my friends to go rafting with me. Geesh, what a bunch of flaky friends! OMG! I can't believe it.

From Spring Middle Fork 2009

I started this project 3 months ago after the holidays. I saw everyone at Christmas and we all sat down to talk about our annual rafting trip this year. We always get together with about 18 to 24 good friends to catch up to the stuff from the year and to get crazy together.

From Spring Middle Fork 2009

No one could decide on a date, so I chose the date for everyone based on my needs and my schedule... yes, I was selfish, but I wasn't going to take 10 different dates to try and work it out with everyone. So I chose, June 6th... Saturday.

From Spring Middle Fork 2009

I contacted this rafting company (WET River Trips) to find out if the date was a good one to plan. They said yes and they put me on a courtesy hold of about 7 days. I had to extend that courtesy hold two times! My flaky friends...

From Spring Middle Fork 2009

Anyway, finally, I got a deposit to the rafting company and was confirmed. Weeeeee! Mission accomplished... or so, I thought. Then my wonderful, flaky friends started inviting their friends... omg! You wanna add how many more??? 10 more added, so 10 more to account for... I sent an update to the rafting company for my South Fork American trip. No problem there... now to collect the money from my friends' friends.

From Spring Middle Fork 2009

It's about a month to go and I am having the worst time collecting funds from these friends' of friends...

I contacted the rafting company and capped my numbers to 24 people. Those other last minute wannabees can book themselves! I have taken care of my 24 friends and the rest of the last minute flakys can organize their own. LOL! I am looking forward to rafting with my friends and I don't want to organize the last minute flakys... I just want to have a no stress time on MY rafting trip!

From Spring Middle Fork 2009

Note: from WET River Trips... does this sound like your trip? Then, don't stress, just take care of your close friends and family; let the last minute peeps, reserve on their own... we do not want OUR guest trip leaders to stress about anything!

If you need our help, let us know. The Online Rafting Store is a godsend for those of you who are organized. Every price is every 6th free, so when you reserve in the online store, remember to pay that way...

EX: you got 12 friends
, reserve for 10 in the online store, and remember to tell us in the comment box that you actually have 12... not so difficult! We'll see ya on the river... where the water will make you stress free!

Pictures from Big Poppa Photo Album in Picasa! Thanks for the pics of the early Middle Fork American trips going on now... and these folks in the pics above were super organized when they reserved! Thank you to the peeps who just went with us on the MoFo!

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