Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hola from WET in Chile!

wet guidesA sun-drenched morning after the latest storm brings a crystalline layer of moisture on the trees. I squinted my eyes against the radiance. The view was achingly beautiful. I do believe we will have an incredible California whitewater rafting season in 2011. The blessing does not escape me.

This morning, I received an email from the boys. The kayaking team is exploring the world and have started their own blog called, "Equipo Mas Profundo." Beautiful photos of rivers in Chile and the blog is a clear explanation why the place has become a top destination for adventure travelers. The rivers and waterfalls in South America are magnificent!

wet rafting guidesWith three Alex's, Johnny and Matt known respectively as Conejos, El Lobo Loco, La Ormiga, Cabra, and Parkito, the five-some are on a life journey in the wilds of Chile. You might remember Alex "El Lobo Loco" as the Red Cross's Hometown Hero from our earlier post.

This is a team to be reckoned with as they become "one" with the rivers down there. Many kayaking teams are there to conquer, but this whitewater kayaking team is a bit more zen. Ommmmm. They respect mother nature. They are there to flow with the river. They are not trying to conquer, but to pay homage. The river gods have spoken.

wet professional guidesOur entire staff, including the office, sit in awe of their antics. We wish them safe journey and god speed. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Joy to the World as these five see what few of us will ever experience. Take care and hurry back. WET waits for your return.

and now words from Alex "Conejos"

"Hope all is well in the worlds of WET. Wolf, Jon and myself all made it down to Chile with our gear and stuff, and we have been having a blast on some great rivers.

We all made it down to the town of Pucon just fine, running a few more rivers on the way, and driving around some giant volcanos. I hope all is well for you, we have been enjoying some great summer weather finally, after a few days of cold rain on the way down here. We ended up staying with a friend of Matt's who has one of the most amazing places I´ve ever been, with a view of the whole valley and the Vulcan Villarica out his front window. So we went from dirtbag survival camping to luxury lifestyle. I will try and get some pictures up on the blog soon so that everyone can enjoy some of the recent stuff, and the views of Pucon. Pucon is way more modern americana than anywhere else - it feels like Tahoe or Vail or something, but we are staying 25 min out of town in El Campo, so at least we don´t have to deal with all the turons.

wet kayaker
Ran the Rio Maichin yesterday which was really beatiful, and we are going to head up to the Palguin this afternoon for some Huck and Hope.

It is Wolf´s 28th birthday today, and as promised, I made him 28 pancakes from scratch this morning, which he demolished. I had to use strawberry ice cream syrup because they don´t seem to have maple syrup down here, not to mention spending half and hour trying to find baking powder in el supermacado (everything here comes in a bag or a Coca Cola bottle it seems).

Our BLOG is and we will update here and there so CHECK it out!

wet whitewater guide
Best to the WET family
Alex H."

Update from Chile submitted by Alex "Conejos" for WET Rafting blog.
Photos: Equipo Mas Profundo
Intro from W.E.T. River Trip's blogging editor.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Monday, December 06, 2010

Holiday Specials! WET River Trips

We just posted our new rates and discounts. Here are some incentives for those of you who are organized and ready for early deposits for 2011 rafting season. Loyalty counts in a major way. Those of you who are past customers, please email us directly for your special quotes. (We are gonna take care of our peeps first with the best discounts that reflect your past patronage.)
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And for new reservations, just mention that you went with us before and give us the name of your trip organizer. We will pass some cool savings to you, too!

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Happy Holidays everyone!
I hope you are all skiing or boarding on that fluffy madness now, because come this spring, that snow will turn into class 4+ whitewater rapids on your favorite California rivers.

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