Sunday, November 27, 2011

California Rafting - 2012

WET River Trips has just finished their 2011 rafting season. What a long season we had, too! We started on the first Friday in March and kept going until last weekend. Geesh, what a year!

WET River Trips - South Fork American River
Learn how to guide the river in 2012 with W.E.T. River Trips! "Saving a Person in the River"

Here is the upcoming schedule for W.E.T. for this winter:
  • Discounts and promotions for 2012 - this week
  • Spring rafting - reservations are being taken now
  • Guide school - March through June 2012 (only 12 people per session)
  • Marketing our trips
Oh my! We do have a rather busy schedule...

Discounts are available and we will allow anyone to reserve on the 2011 pricing as long as they call/email us prior to end of this year. (You don't have to schedule your trip yet; but we advise contacting us about 2012 rafting trips prior to the end of the year if you want the 2011 rates!) That means our old customers and guests will get the best rates! Wooo!

Spring rafting will take place starting March 2, 2012 on Friday. Class 4+ North Fork American is usually flowing by then. Guide school program starts on the same day, March 2, 2012. The classes will go on through June or until newbies stop calling for the guide school information. Six (6) days of instruction or you can do the course in three (3) consecutive weekends.

Guide school is a fun, educational course for wannabe, newbie guides. We provide professional guide school information and execution for every student in our course. Most end up being professional guides for W.E.T. and our other associates.

Marketing continues as we sludge through all the media available to W.E.T. including social media. Yes, WET River Trips is on facebook, twitter, youtube, flickr and so many others that most of us are focusing on the day when all platforms are integrated!

Well... it's been a looooong time on the river for WET River Trips in California... and we look forward towards 2012!

whitewater rafting in california
Summer rafting fun with WET River Trips in California's South Fork American

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