Thursday, August 25, 2011

California COMBO River Trips!

2011 has been an incredible year for California whitewater rafting... true; but, did you get on a river? If you did, are you ready to get back out there?

Summer is winding down and soon the rivers will too. Don't be caught with "rapid-remorse"....AKA: "I should have gone rafting!"

The South Fork American River will flow through October and the Middle Fork of the American will flow through the first weekend in October with the good flows that we are used to seeing in July!

Late summer and early Fall is the prime-time 'shoulder-season" of California whitewater and W.E.T. River Trips is ready with 1-2 day trips on the Sout
h Fork and Middle Fork American River as well as the mighty "American River Combination" 2-day trip: both the South and Middle Fork rivers in 2 days while based in our camp at Camp Lotus.

Don't be caught with rapid remorse and get out there while you can!

da Boss : Steve Liles

NOTES from the office staff:

American River Combo is South Fork American the first day; Middle Fork American the next day! $269/person Buy it here Place the date of your trip in the comment box at the bottom of the billing page. We will confirm you within 24 hours! Also, note; we wear helmets on every rafting trip!

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