Monday, August 31, 2009

Labor Day... NOT! Play Instead!

Labor Day is a holiday in the USA that was originally created in Canada based on labor disputes in the 1870's. We adopted the concept waaay back in 1882. The first Labor Day was celebrated on September 5, 1882 in New York City.

So, we celebrate this weekend. We play hard. We play in the water. The late summer in California is hot. No question about that. We are melting in the valley; sweating in the foothills. You need to be around the water.

Some go to the coast. Others go to the river. I am going rafting on Labor Day weekend on the most popular rivers in the West!

california rafting trips

There are two rivers running right now in California. The whitewater rivers of South Fork American and Middle Fork American are flowing from reservoirs with a release schedule that offers premium rafting for the end-of-the-season-last-hurrah.

Middle Fork American will be offered everyday until Oct 3rd. And, South Fork American will be scheduled until Oct 3rd. Get it this weekend before summer is totally gone.

california rafting trips

All one day trips with lunch is priced at $99/person. Period. Out the door. Add a few more bucks for a total package for the Labor Day weekend. If you have a group of 12 or more... call us, and we will add more amenities to your trip, such as free camping, free tent rentals, free showers, free meals, etc etc... yah, it is the end of the season and the deals are pretty awesome...

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Music, Rafting and Loud Noises!

The music scene is really hopping... like bunnies. Big fat bunnies. Big fat fluffy bunnies. DanDan wrote this little ditty a bit a go ... and the kool team is up in Portland with Mayyors and the Ganglians at the Portland Music Festival... wonder how it's going...

"I went to the Vox Gallery the other night and saw Wolf Eyes. It was loud! Wolf Eyes is a noise band from Detroit, Michigan, USA who has released well over 500 things on various labels with the main one being American Tapes. Other bands that are lumped into the same category or genre of music are Yellow Swans, Axolotl, Hair Police and Black Dice.

Afterwards, I went to my friends house. Their names are Daniel, Kandice, Tony, Kyle, Alex, Teddy and Alexa. They all love music and they play it all day on all 3 levels of the house. (Notes: the poor neighbors...) some really great bands jammin' under one roof such as Pregnant and What's Up.

They are making music that is so innovative that it goes beyond genres and classifications and into a whole new world of laptop-lullaby-psychedelic-blissed-out-sphinx-on-a-surfboard-style jams of eternal mind, body and soul. Pregnant just released an album on Lost Lamp Records called Beautiful Moon.

ONE TIME, at the same house, I saw a great show. It was Psychedelic Horseshit from Silt Breeze label and Fabulous Diamonds and Ganglians and Mom. It was so bone dog! bone dog! This show was the sloppiest of all hippie punk; slurred vocals through break, through a window of cheap beer and too much hair.

Old dudes in short shorts with shorter songs... handing out free 7" records and nobody even wants them. On the other hand, Ganglians rip a jankle pop-style and use reverb to the max. It is about as pretty as MOM's chicken feet throwing while smashing a raw egg on your face and singing through an Alvin and the Chipmunks style vocal effect to old 60's surf dance and kids songs mania. Whew!

Pschedelic Horseshit are from Ohio, I think. Check it out on Silt Breeze label, because if you don't you are a fool and you will never get to hear this band in the good early stages before they sell out and start opening up for death cab for cutie. Fabulous Diamonds are cool tooo. Check them out. They make music for rainy days in my opinion, at least, and I once heard someone label them as goth. I'm not too sure what that means, I always thought that goths liked minimal techno. Hehe.

At this very moment, I am at the house that I have been talking about this whole time. I am using Kyle's (from the Ganglians) computer to type this shiz.

I AM TIRED (tired... I am the definition of tired, dude!)


From Fatty Acid & Ganglians @ Java Lounge Halloween '08

Death Sentence Panda are f*ing vicious female-fronted radness. They are going to be playing a show in Sacramento with Sactowns own Mayyors, Sucks and the newest all-girl band on the scene, FATTY ACID featuring every girl that I know including my girlfriend on drums. They are a super punk puzzy dance with no breaks and no practice. They sound great, and it makes me feel like a wussy."
DanDan WhiteLite ~~

From Rafting Trips

DanDan and the rest will be back soon this week... just in time for Burning Man and whitewater rafting on the American River for Labor Day Weekend! This will make you NOT feel like a wussy! LOL!

From Fatty Acid & Ganglians @ Java Lounge Halloween '08

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