Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Water = Life : Rivers as Best Friends

July came and is slipping away quickly. The month was incredibly busy with guests driving and flying in from all parts of the world. We truly have become an international rafting company devoted to water recreation in the outdoors. W.E.T. River Trips has morphed from that small two raft company to a company that can accommodate hundreds of guests per day. Our focus is still education... educating our friends and guests to the importance of our precious resource; the river.

... small voices united are more powerful than any one person...

The river is our best friend. From that flow, we have water draining towards the valley towns and reservoirs, the delta, the ocean and into our eager hands where our state mismanages and pollutes this very precious element. So, we try our best to educate against water waste, pollution, diversion, and we help to promote sustainable resources to help save the water in California.

We do this in a benign way... without shoving brochures into your mailbox or sending you spammy emails. We take you whitewater rafting. Then, you fall in love with the river just like we did. And because you love the water, the river, you become its friend... and maybe, you won't vote for the politician who only talks about damming rivers... and maybe you won't vote for an amendment that would cause the river to be diverted... or maybe you will teach your children to not throw garbage into the river and waterways.

group rafting trips

We teach in a gentle way. Those of you who have been "taught" are becoming advocates for these rivers, too. You will tell others how wonderful the whitewater rafting experience was and how you never knew that such an incredible experience was just waiting in your own backyard... just a couple hours away.

As we go through life as rafters and paddlers, we know we have been granted a special time in our lives to experience what Mother Nature has created. All we ask is that you respect, revere and love the water as much as we do. Happy paddling friends, and we will see you soon on the river!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Tahoe Paddle Fest : aug 1 - 2

The Tahoe Paddle Fest is coming on August 1st - 2nd! This free festival encourages children, teens and adults to participate in healthy, sustainable outdoor activities and paddling sports. The Tahoe area is home of Washoe Tribe of California and Nevada, an indigenous people from this locale. The Washoe Tribe is an event sponsor of this fun festival.

This first annual paddle event will highlight non-motorized watercraft with a nod to the indigenous water craft that might have graced beautiful Lake Tahoe long ago. Watercraft from indigenous cultures to modern times will include dugout canoes, standup surf paddling and outrigger boats. Racing these crafts will be another highlight to the weekend.

Tom "Pohaku" Stone, University of Hawaii professor who is an authority on Hawaiian surfboards and outrigger canoes will also serve as a keynote speaker.

Promotion of safe boating and the importance of checking for the invasive mussels that could destroy Tahoe's sensitive ecosystem will also be encouraged. Tahoe Basin and Educational partners are providing free demos or educational outreach for this event.

california trips

Tahoe Paddle Fest is located close to several paddling rivers including the world famous American River trips. Both California whitewater trips on South Fork American and Middle Fork American are within 1.5 hours from the Tahoe area. Close enough to paddle the white water river while enjoying the displays and exhibits from the festival.

Contact Tahoe Paddle Fest for more info or call them directly at 530.318.7599 to reserve sponsorships or exhibitor booths.

See you on the water!

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Thank you to Tahoe Paddle Fest for this summer update!
Thank you to Ecomentum Green Marketing for cool surf pic of Prof Stone!