Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Greed. The holidays are coming and, wow, does it bring out the worst sometimes! Anyone else getting the emails? You know which ones I am talking about, don't you?

South Fork American River

So far, I have won the following:
  • 1 million dollars
  • 2 million dollars
  • $520,000.00
  • an island
  • an abandoned bank account
  • a possible lottery
  • an inheritance

The lottery wins are amusing. How in the world did I register for that lottery all the way in the UK? Or Nigeria? Or, how about the abandoned bank account that the bank employee wants to siphon off to me? The employee is clearly a criminal, and he wants me to participate in his devious plan. And, then there is the inheritance from a long lost uncle, and the attorney who needs details to transfer the funds to me.

I do understand why these scammers, spammers and con men approach us. They make money doing this, and in a way, this is their job. But, why do some of us respond? Greed.

The offers have a glimmer of hope for some, I suppose. There might be a fantasy dream of actually winning a lottery or inheriting a large sum of money. And, those who work in concert with a possible bank employee to rip off the bank deserves to get this spam. But, for others, it is a hopeful but hopeless dream.

Be careful out there folks. Life has no guarantees, but I am 99.99999% sure of this. I did not win a million dollars.

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