Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Oh, California, you are still most beautiful. With skies so blue, we linger while sipping our coffee or tea and looking out our watery eyes on the quiet landscape around the rivers. In this year of limits, we are able to go rafting. On two rivers, we paddle the whitewater as aggressively as before. And, we approach this weekend as we have the last 37 years on our guided whitewater rafting trips.

It's time to go rafting! California's benchmark, this weekend, guides us carefully through the treachery of the holiday. So many people, so much to do, and the Gods above have deemed the weather in the 80's with a high of 84 degrees. Perfection!

Two rivers to go rafting: South Fork American and Middle Fork American River. Both very popular with the populations in Southern California, San Francisco Bay Area, and our Valley communities. Our office resides in the state capitol of Sacramento. Just an hour from the river. Traveling in cars and riding Hwy 50 or Hwy 80 corridor will take you there.

Every outfitter is vying for the guests. Every single one of us. With a lot of new outfitters taking over older companies, we step back and remember 37 years of friends, families, scouts, youth groups and corporations who have gone rafting with us since 1978.

We love all of you. Sincerely. We do. Join us for Memorial Day Weekend and go rafting!
We got Whitewater!

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Photos by: W.E.T. River Trips
Blog written by: Elizabeth Lopez