Tuesday, January 31, 2012

American Rivers Delta Loop January 2012

River Ride on January 29, 2012

"Wanna go for a ride on Sunday?" he asked quite innocently. A ride through any part of California is a favorite way to spend a few hours on a Sunday. Who was going and why were my questions, and the answers were kind of vague in their response. An annual ride with people I didn't know so that I could write a blog about the trip. Now that sounds interesting and I said, "Yes, I would love to go."

The blogging team from WET River Trips were picking me up around 9:00 AM so that we could meet the rest of their friends by 10:00 AM in a park somewhere in Sacramento. I wasn't driving and those of you who know me, know that my geographical skills are sorely lacking. "Somewhere near the Delta..." was the response I got when I asked where we were going.

With my nose in my notes and my eyes on my cell, I started writing about these people and friends whom I was accompanying on this little adventure. I say a little adventure as I was not required to bring a ton of gear. Just a hat, a jacket and good, sturdy shoes were all that was required.

We met the group near the park as the roar of the engines drowned out the speaker's voice as he instructed the group on the day's schedule. We were doing the "Delta Loop" which is a popular ride for top-down automobiles, motorcycles and bicyclists. The weather was beautiful... too beautiful for January! Then we were off on our ride, heading through the Delta towns such as Rio Vista, Clarksburg, Hood and Solano county where the wind turbines create a surreal landscape for the viewer.

I had no idea where I was. The loops and islands were so confusing! Each island looked so similar except for the homes and buildings. Each small town was picturesque and dotted with old-time ambiance. There was wine tasting along the way, art galleries, shops, the beautiful river with the boats, yachts and the incredible homes along the river frontage. This was a magical setting of another world, another place to experience.

I met quite a few interesting folks on this ride, too. I met a scientist and programmer of robotics. An interesting chap of European heritage. We talked about his current project. And, I gave him the name of one of the whitewater rafting guides who has an internet company that could help him with a problem.

As he passed me his business card, I was struck with the "Social Networking" that we just had. This is truly social networking! The real deal! No computer. Just talking with someone who had something in common with me.

Now, I am very interested in the outcome of this project that he was working on as I want to know if my input had any value to his project. If it did, then I will feel as if I was part of his team... no matter how small. "Social Media" in the best sense!

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