Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Rafting in California

Spring Whitewater Rafting in California is like the proverbial box of don't know what's inside; however, it IS chocolate and it's GOOD!

After 33 seasons in this industry and after taking down tens of thousands of clients ...we know this: it's ramping up to be an awesome season with incredible white water.

The amazing greens (countless shades, saturations, and lectures), neon and surreal bright splashes of color (Note from WET staff : psychedelic experience?) (Golden Poppies, Red Bud, purple Lupine, etc.), crystal blue skies with clouds that seem to be imported from an Arizona August, random rain, blessed snows, and pristine flowing rivers. This is California Spring raftingl!
We've been out since mid-March after starting out on President's weekend with a trip just for fun on all three Forks of the Smith and the Cal Salmon. Lately we've concentrated on the the South Fork and Middle Fork American, and our favorite Class 4+ North Forks American with a focus this last month on the NoFo ...

From 2010 River Race

This is truly a North Fork season this year! We've logged over 15 days on the North Fork and every trip has been amazing. The canyon scenery continues to evolve with changing colors (right now the Poppies are fading out and the Lupine is blazing), fluctuating waterfalls, river flows, and weather ranging from sunny to cloudy to rainy to warm & clear...whatever the case we're ready and anxious. This past weekend was blessed with incredible weather at 80 degrees, awesome flows and flowers blooming everywhere.

From 2010 River Race

Check out the new photos from this Spring and look for a new video on our WET YouTube. We did some filming last Saturday and the final cut should hit our network very soon! And, by the way, follow us on WET Twitter ... and come on, now... get on our WET Facebook, too (enuff social networking, get out and raft with us).
It's spring rafting time and guides are back. We've heard from most of our former staff and they are making the migration to join Drew, Booty, Wolf, Alex, Greg, Kyle, and Mac that have been staffing our trips so far this season since early March. D-Rex, Heffe, Jon, Mag, Bird, Mogli, Duff, K-Dog, Ninja Mike, Country Mike, the Olsen Twins (Marc & Jen),, and the rest will join some of our newly trained guides like Machinist, Wes, and others.

The excitement is building and the snow pack is starting its melt, so the rivers and crew are ready to go and our clients are ready as well!

2010 promises to be one of the absolute BEST California Whitewater Rafting season in our 32 years! so...Run Forest, Run ....or: "Paddle, Paddle, Paddle!"

Update: Our own Wolfe won the 2010 Kayak Race and WET River Trips crew won the 2010 Raft Race... Now we head off this weekend to conquer the mighty flows in the farest reach of Northern California last spring race!