Saturday, December 05, 2009

group rafting trips

The weather is changing in Caifornia and today the sky is gray and ominous with the impending storm. Yes! Outdoor enthusiasts look at this weather and we start thinking about skiing, whitewater, rafting and anything on the water.

California's outdoor recreation depends on storms for optimum fun during the respective seasons.

group rafting

We love the weather!

Start planning your group rafting trips now because it looks like Mother Nature is about to bring us our wishes come true.... just in time for ski season during the Christmas holidays!

rafting outdoors

And that white stuff? The frozen crystals of water laying its mass over the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains will turn into that whitewater rafting that all of us river runners will enjoy the most!

whitewater rafting in california

During this holiday season, grab some gift certificates, plan your bachelor party or just grab your friends and plan a group trip for 2010 on California's finest whitewater rivers! Woot!