Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Turn of the Rafting Season

Melancholy mood is setting in... phone calls are dwindling, weather is changing and the guides are scattering back into the real world. A lot of us will be going back to school as students or teachers; back to ski patrol at major resorts; travel to other rivers for another season of rafting; or get jobs until the season starts again for California rafting. Camp Lotus is quieter and the Coloma Club is deserted. The river is back to it's original state of quiet reflection populated by otters, beavers, birds, kayakers and an occasional rafter.

Weather this weekend is going to be very warm in the upper 80's to low 90's. Will the flow be there? How is the power company managing the upper storage at the dam? Last weekend there was no water on the South Fork American due to some type of maintenance issue. And then yesterday, we had 3,000 cfs! Geesh! I wonder if they will be dumping water out during October to make sure we don't have too much in the reservoirs when Fall/Winter rainstorms start occurring. Otherwise, where will all that water go?

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