Sunday, March 12, 2006

Spring is Knockin'!

Up to 10 feet of new snow has dropped with six inches of snow at 1000 ft. The North Fork American, Middle Fork, and South Fork American Rivers (Class V, IV, and III respectively) are dusted in a new form of whitewater....SNOW!!! The high Sierra is deep and fluffy: Kirkwood has over 20 ft. on top of the mountain!

The native Red Bud trees are starting to bloom all through the foothills. Highway 96 along the Trinity on the way to the California Salmon and Scott Rivers is lined with a blazing border of magenta. The bloom is now set against a backdrop of blinding white snow and the rivers are beginning to swell... it's time for the 2006 California Whitewater rafting season to begin.

It's an amazing time to experience the outdoors in California... snowboard in the morning and catch a quick afternoon run on the North Fork American on the way home. Or... take a full day on the slopes and drop into another day of whitewater. In about 10 days, you can take your pick of runs as the low elevation snow run's off and paves the way for the real deal: full-on Sierra melt down!!!! Toss in the Trinity Alps, Lower Cascades, and count in the East Slope of the Sierras and call it all-good. The North Fork, California Salmon and Scott and the rest will ramp-up and run solid throughout the Spring... the snowpack is that good!

W.E.T. River Trips is ready. We're on the American River, Cal Salmon, South Fork and North Fork American and Scott in the next three weeks. The gear is dusted of, the rigs are ready, and rumour is: a few guides have even hit the gym!
Thanks to "Big Pappa" for this post!

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