Monday, June 12, 2006

Summer Rafting: Family Trips

June is in full swing and the kids are out of school. And with a promise of summer coming, families are starting to come out of the deep fog of school events, graduation, the big-day-college-dorm-move, and kicking the kids out to the curb... time to think about summer vacation with family and friends. With last month's high flows, W.E.T. River Trips asked our paddlers to wait until the flows came down before rafting with younger children. Now's the time for families to start booking reservations for the rest of our summer rafting season.

American River trips
have great flows appropriate for outdoor families. On our favorite family run, the South Fork American will be at its all time best. No low water bump and grind this year. Great flows of 1500 cfs to 3000 cfs will attract many first timers to the best whitewater river trip in California this year. The SoFo was nature-designed for beginners and intermediates. The river is beautiful, long and a great attraction for quick 1 day trips, 2 day camp trips, or 2 day wilderness trips on BLM lands. For teens ages 14 and up, we highly recommend families to take a break over to another favorite wilderness trip on the Middle Fork American. MoFo should be runnable throughout July, August, September, and, maybe even October! California rafting will be at its prime throughout this summer season.

Start planning for the family rafting trips.
Save money by checking out Target's new outdoor offerings. Inexpensive sleeping bags and outdoor equipment will help save the family's budget. Drug stores will have sales on sunscreen, bug repellant, chapstick, flashlights and the ever-so-useful ziplock baggies. REI, the one-stop outdoor equipment store has everything that a family will need for their rafting and camping needs. High quality and bargain prices attract the serious outdoor family with REI's house brand. Preparing in advance will take the sting out of the budget from last minute purchases.

Get off the couch... everyone! Take the kids for a walk in the evening and work up to a brisk walk. Then move it into the day time to start acclimating to the hot weather. Remember rafting and camping outdoors will put you in the sun for 4 to 6 hours. If you have access to pool; start swimming. Work your upper body and legs for paddling and balance skills for rafting. All these preparations will help you to have a great time in the outdoors.

Then call your favorite rafting company and get your reservations soon. With the biggest snowpack and the longest season, this summer's rafting trips will satisfy all the members of your family and friends!

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