Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday Office Blues: Rather be Rafting!

What a weird day of calls.

A caller today was griping about non-receipt of their email confirmation. First we asked about their email address to check if we had a typo. No, the email address was correct. The gentleman became very aggravated with our staff member. He started complaining that he should have received the email immediately. Then we asked if the email might have been hiding in their spam folders. I don't know, was the answer. Please check your junk and spam folders first. A long silence proceeded with a sigh. Hmmm. Is the email there? Oh, there it is, came the reply. No apologies for yelling at us. Not even an acknowledgement that we did do our job promptly in the first place.

Is this you? Do you nit pick at your desk all day? Yelling at the underlings; demanding perfection... are you this guy? When you're at a restaurant, do you request or demand items from the server? Are you unforgiving when the retailer across the counter accidentally makes an error on your order? Look in the mirror... have you become this person? If so, you need to go rafting. You need to go outdoors. Get out of the box and enjoy a slower pace; a less demanding life.

I'm downsizing. I want a smaller house. I want a smaller car that sucks less gas. I don't want to be rich; just happy and be able to send my kids through college... and have enough to enjoy the rest of my life... just want to slow it down a bit...

I'm heading for a California rafting trip for a couple of days. Just me and a few friends to enjoy ourselves on a beautiful river out in the wilderness. Not much time... just two days of fun and relaxation. Enough time to just refresh and renew my head before I face another Monday office blues...

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