Sunday, January 14, 2007

HIGH SCHOOL Senior Year!

teen rafter
As each rafting season reaches an end, nostalgic thoughts tend to blossom in the dozens. With the weather turning grey and the air and water temperature plummeting to unreasonable numbers, rafters say farewell to hitting the currents day after day. And yes, there will always be the hardcore badasses who could give an "F" whether or not they freeze their asses off. But for the majority of us, we would much rather throw on a big Gortex jacket and hit the slopes in hopes that this new season's snow will melt into the raddest flows for next year.

As a sullen teenager, I didn't raft as much as I should have. I was "busy" with parties, preparing for college, and other social engagements. I didn't want to get wet and ruin my new trendy hair cut. But when I look back at what I missed, I start feeling a little regret. Despite some major obstacles and problems such as the wildfire, this past season had some gnarly flows and exciting runs. Out of the few times that I went, I must say, I did enjoy myself immensely.

I took some buddies down and went on a wilderness trip on the South Fork American where we layed down our sleeping bags right on the beach and slept under the stars. Ya, my friends were pissed to get up the next morning so early, but they were pleased to find a breakfast feast of chicken apple sausage, country egg scramble, English muffins, orange juice, pineapples and melons prepared for them by the guides. The water was cold at first when we put-in, but as the sun brightened and the rapids became more exciting, all negative thoughts left. The day was not only super fun, but also a good ol' bonding experience with my friends.

This season I hope to go down at least 10 times more than this past season. And not only go down my normal South Fork American run, but expand and do more Middle Fork and North Fork American trips. Maybe I'll even hit up some Kern River down south! By then, I'll be 18 and free to drive all over California as I please. Maybe I'll even turn it into a high school graduation trip and try to pound as many California Rivers as I possibly can. PARTY ON.

Thanks to Liz, teen consultant for W.E.T. River Trips for her "words from the wise!"

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