Saturday, August 18, 2007

Angry August? Have a Party!

"Angry August..." said one of the crew members from Idaho, as he explained the grumpy mood of a colleague. Yeh, we know that feeling on the California rafting trips. W.E.T. River Trips knows well the feeling of August. The California crew has been pumping out the whitewater trips since February... that's when we all went up to do the Northern rivers this past spring.

Commercial rafting trips kick in around mid-March for W.E.T. on the North Fork American and rafting continues through September. That's a lot of river miles for any crew. Everyday; different people, same spiel, same route. By August, the crew is spent. Angry August sets in and so does the anticipation of the season ending, school starting and looking for a job. So, why not have a company party?

Second party of the season will be celebrated this Sunday after the day's trips. For the first time, the crew chose not to go to a restaurant or party place to celebrate. They are having the party at Camp Lotus. Yeh, you heard right... the camp. And they want Big Poppa to bbq the food. Ha! It was explained this way... that no one would be driving (hmmm... that's why the kegs are there...) and no one had to get dressed up (wha'? board shorts and t-shirt, ain't dressed up?) and that the crew could have W.E.T.'s famous "Camp Olympics" going full bore... (now, I see why).

Sollie is flying in from Newport Beach, Wolfie cancelled his concert in Marysville to come and even some of the blogging crew are coming. Only one missing in action will be Mac... he's in love and floating the Green with a new friend... but I heard that Mac's latest film production will be shown.

Prizes for the contest will be lucrative... cash, baby... no trinkets. I can see it now... Drew will be devastated if he loses the Horseshoe Tournament... he'll be hell to deal with all this week... go easy on him, young guns... heheheheh.

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