Tuesday, November 13, 2007

South Fork American - Troublemaker Rapid

Country Mike is one of our newer guides for W.E.T. River Trips. Not a young buck, but a professional banker addicted to whitewater rafting in a big way. He started river rafting with our company a few years ago, got hooked and proceeded to rope in every river in California. Those trips that we didn't do, we sent him over to our favorite competitors so that he could do more esoteric river trips throughout the state. Like Heffe exclaims in a recent message to our myspace blogger... 2007 season ain't done yet! And Mike just verified this in an email to me on Sunday...

"Just wanted you to know we all had a great trip today. Three plus me headed up to CB (Chili Bar on the South Fork American) to see if the flow was good. Looked like about 1300 (cfs). Had a solid surf at the hole (Chili Bar hole; home of the annual Kayak Rodeo) and headed down river. The day was great. One yakker (kayaker) at CB and three at 1st threat (popular class 3+ rapid with a big standing wave). Only people on the river. Great wildlife with deer, buck and wife, swimming across below Coloma Lake. Right after that, a great looking blue heron was on shore and flying around... very cool."

"We cruised through TM (Troublemaker Rapid, class 3+ to a class 4) and I said, 'Hey, lets carry back up shore and try to surf the hole.' I was trying to sucker the guys (his personal friends) into some carnage. One fella opted out, so the rest of us carried up and dropped in the peanut gallery eddy (favorite spot for photographers)."

"Could not get enough mo (movement) going back up river from a dead stop, so the current spun us around right into the proper grove for another perfect run left of Gunsight (easy rapid but a common wrap rock). A rare opportunity to hit it twice in a raft in about 15 minutes. Shortly after, it was off to the Sierra Nevada House for some gold kayaks (mixed drink), food and laughs."

"Anyway, the most important part is a big thank you goes out to (W.E.T. River Trips) for the opportunity to be on the river with friends to enjoy such perfect weather and setting."

"Again, it is appreciated. All the best and the happiest of holidays if we do not talk!"

Country Mike (Already a seasoned guide...)

Note from W.E.T. River Trips: hmmmm, how about a Christmas run to close out the year, people???

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