Tuesday, February 03, 2009

North Fork American Chamberlain Falls run - NOFO

"We're all just rocks on the beach waiting to become gravel and sand ... life is in the tumbling!" ~~ Words of Wisdom by Big PoppaJah ~~

It's snowed down to 3,000 feet and the W.E.T. River Trip guides are off the couch and just did the Class 4+ North Fork American Chamberlain Falls run at 1,600 cfs! Woot!

take me to the river ...

Country Mike, Heffe, Kyle, Booty, Alex H., Bird, and some other kooks hit the NoFo a few days ago after the big storm. Mack went kayaking on Shirt-tail Creek (Shirt-tail is a little class V run that flows into the North Fork American River right above the NoFo at Yankee Jim's Bridge (about mile 4.5).

So, I reported recently: It's on! The buzz in out there: the 2009 whitewater season is up and running and will just get better and better. The first weekend of this month, we're taking a sprint up to the far North to hit at-least two rivers in three days and do some scouting for Spring Training and Guide school.

Back to the "rock" comment: we just don't realize our potential unless we shake (tumble) it up a bit. We'll never get a polish or become what we are destined to be unless we shift, move, and change. Whitewater does that. Even Stephen Covey of the "Seven Habits" genre, now attributes his interpretation of "Permanent Whitewater" and an explanation of a healthy lifestyle and mind-set.

"Permanent Whitewater: We live in a constant, churning, changing environment. In turbulent white water, every single person must have something inside them that guides their decisions. They must independently understand the purpose and guiding principles of the team or organization. If you try to mange them, they won't even hear you. The noise, the roar, the immediacy and urgency of all the dynamic challenges they face will simply be too great."... Stephen Covey, The 8th Habit (recently released: "Find your voice, and inspire others to find theirs.")

Jump on a river, a mountain, a wave, a trail, or just move. You might get "tumbled" and hopefully you will ... knocking off the rough edges, giving you a balance, and a nice shine! Bring that group of friends! Shine on! Rock on! Keep tumbling ...until the sand won't move anymore!

In the immortal words of Wolf (hanging in Belize right now): 'WHITEWATER!"

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