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WET River Trips on Northern California Whitewater!

Rafting continues into day 2 of Northern California whitewater with WET River Trips! The boys had a great first day, if you recall (if you didn't read the first post, click here to read "Spring Rafting with WET River Trips in Northern California". First fun trips of the rafting season are always filled with ahem... stories of the antics of the whitewater guides. They get out there before the commercial scene starts up so that they are ready for you, our paddling guests!


From Spring 2010 Whitewater Opening Weekend

From Spring 2010 Whitewater Opening Weekend

After finishing breakfast and pumping up the raft, the WET guides hit the South Smith through the most difficult section of the three Forks of the Smith and the first legit Class 5 rapid of the trip: Grandma’s Pantry rapid. At over 3,500 cfs the rapid was a classic class 5 rapid. The crew came through without incident, and we took out and headed to the nearest Laundromat in Crescent City. Wolf had another idea, "...let’s take the back-route through Stout Grove." (part of the Jedediah Smith Park ) Note from WET River Trips editor: uhhh, haven't you guys learned that the Wolf way is the extreme way?
The drive through the park was incredible with some of the biggest redwoods in the world right along the single track road that actually did lead directly to Crescent City. I guess this is why we still trust Wolf way... a little. Note from WET River Trips editor: ok, ok... this time the Wolf path was the best... conceding with a bit of hesitation...

The Laundromat in Crescent City was assaulted by six of us with armloads of soaking wet gear that soon became dry, and we were off to the Cal Salmon for Day 3. On the drive we detoured through two more Redwood Groves, and Jon was able to marvel at the Trees of Mystery and he was also able to enjoy the view of Babe the Blue Ox and Paul Bunyan…life-size of course.

From 2010-02-16

From 2010-02-16

When we hit the town of Orrick, we detoured over Bald Mtn Road that parallels the drainage of Redwood Creek and shortens the drive to the Salmon by coming directly into the Klamath River drainage and the Yurok Reservation and Hwy 96 outside of Orleans, CA. After a quick stop at Somes Bar and a look at Ishi Pishi Falls , we made it up the Salmon River Highway to Nordheimer on the Cal Salmon by 5 pm and tarped-up for rain as I made dinner.
Dinner was huge and we were able to feed Matt P. as he rolled in from his trip on the Smith river (he was with Paul G... remember that rascal from part 1 of this story?). Soon after dinner, Matt pulled out the Casio 420 keyboard, Justin unpacked his conga drum, Alex H. dried out his guitar, Wolf found his rhythm rocks, and Jon found a curiously empty beer bottle to blow a tune. Club Nordheimer was in full-effect with the drum being passed from Justin to Jon and the guitar from Alex H. to Wolf. We were treated to no less than 3 original tunes and a mix of covers. No rain, music, a few beers, and only two other folks in the entire area… nice.

From 2010-02-16

Day 3

The WET guides added Matt P. in his kayak, and we pumped up the second raft. Heffe and Jon R-2’d, and Wolf, Alex H., and Justin took the other raft. The Nordheimer run was awesome with a flow of about 1,000 cfs at put-in and about 1,500 at the Butler Creek takeout. No swimmers and no incidents…smooth and very clean runs.

From Spring 2010 Whitewater Opening Weekend

From 2010-02-16

We packed up said goodbye to Matt P., and we headed out of the Trinity drainage and back to I-5. We were back in Lotus at 9:30 pm. Ahhh, safe, happy, and dry.

1,100 miles of driving in 2 states, 45 miles on four rivers, no problems and an amazing start to the 2010 whitewater season!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Thanks to Big Poppah for his written series on Northern California rafting and his awesome whitewater photos!

Notes from WET editor: Northern California rafting trips are laced with incomparable beauty, lushness in foliage and flowers, and incredible awesome rapids on pristine rivers. Join our professional guides this year in 2010 and celebrate your special event or gathering on an upcoming whitewater season. WET River Trips is a professional whitewater rafting company since 1978 and pioneered trips on many rivers and creeks in California. WET rawks!

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