Monday, May 17, 2010

Two Woman, Too Much Luggage!

My favorite summer ever was in Europe. Since I was a child, a dream for me was to travel abroad. I decided with a good friend of mine that we would travel to Paris, London, Cannes, and Monaco. Eight months of planning to get all the details together, but here we were on British Airways on our way to our first trip to Europe. I was glad that I was taking this trip with Jen since we love to laugh at just about everything and make the most of every situation. Jen is easy going, and she was just as excited as I was embarking on this adventure!

The entire trip from start to finish was filled with laughter and joy. I think we even had a hearty laugh with our passports, if you can imagine. I looked at
her picture, and she looked extremely jaundiced, with deep hollowed eyes and a look of complete fear on her face. My own picture was just as scary. I looked as if I had been frightened and had been crying for days. All puffy and swollen! What really was hilarious is I looked exactly like my childhood pictures of when I was four years old!
Sometimes, I wonder if the people taking our pictures for our passports, take our pictures purposely to show us unattractive. You know what I mean... just like
the DMV and Costco!

When we finally landed, we were in London, tired and hungry because during the flight we never slept. We were too excited about this trip. Our feet had become swollen. Jen's feet were so swollen that her feet looked like tiny balloons in shoes! We hobbled off the plane and gradually the swelling subsided.

We got our luggage and decided to exchange o
ur money to pounds so we could get to the hotel. Nothing exciting about customs, or the airport itself. Lots of people bustling about and many duty-free shops as far as your eyes could see. I wanted to take a cab to the place we were staying which is in a place called Knightsbridge.

Jen wanted to try what they call the Underground or Tube. Our American terminology would be Subway, Muni or BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). Anyway, we found the Underground easily, and with help from the locals, we were able to secure our tickets and locate which side to take to Knightsbridge.

The biggest problem was our luggage. No valet around, and we both had too many pieces to carry. (Remind me not to take the kitchen sink with me next time...) As we were on the train, both sides had windows, so you were able to see out when the train was not in the tunnel. Nothing impressive to see but lots of artful graffiti, concrete world and houses extremely close together. This reminded me of my own city of San Francisco, Cali

Jen's luggage kept dropping with a huge clang (did she bring her kitchen sink?) as we were traveling and my irritation was building probably due to lack of sleep. I watched as I saw her struggle, and I could have easily helped to pick up her luggage, but I turned away worrying about my own tight grip of all my luggage. What a bad friend I am!

When we finally arrived in Knightsbridge, I was relieved and knew in just a short time I would be able to get cleaned up, and take a long awaited nap before exploring this fabulous city. When we got off the Tube, we started towards the exit and, lo and behold, we noticed a long staircase... not a short set of stairs, but probably the most intense set of stairs that I have ever seen. I felt like a mole looking up to the light. Go to the light, go to the light...

We tried to ask several people if there was a elevator, but everyone was in such a hurry that they moved briskly towards the (a few expletives with God thrown in) holy light. I looked at Jen, and she looked at me, and we said, "Lets just go for it!"

Sweaty and tired and still wearing the clothes from the day before, I drummed up all the strength I had and put my handbag around my neck, and dragged my luggage towards the taunting light. I reached the top of stairs and could see Jen struggling to get to the first set of stairs. The whole time, I’m cheering her on knowing I could not leave my luggage to help her because I was thinking someone would steal my luggage. (Hmmm... maybe I just didn't want to climb any more stairs...)

We looked absolutely ridiculous; not ingenue or au naturele or chic... not at all! When Jen finally reached the top, we proceeded to our hotel. More to come about our travels in Europe…….

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