Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Cool, Clean Water... Water, Water

Last Sunday while Wolf was giving a pre-trip safety talk at Chili Bar on our beloved South Fork American River, he had a spontaneous epiphany: it really is about California WATER...whitewater or otherwise.

Wolf waxed with evangelical urgency about the bounty of water that we enjoy in California that creates the richest and most productive agricultural region in the world while also providing us, you, and them the opportunity to enjoy that bounty of fluid from the source high in the Sierra that we climb, slide, glide, and jump on until it melts, and we paddle, row, swim, and splash in it.

As Wolf told me about what he told his clients he said that our clients smiled and knowingly nodded...they got it!

We all "get it" in some way. I had that same revelation as I went on my first rafting trip over spring break in 1978...I was doing something in and on water that I had never imagined even though I lived within 45 minutes of three amazing whitewater trips on American River. I got it.

"Getting It" is our goal as facilitators of this activity of choice: Whitewater Rafting. "Getting It" is more important than's crucial to our future and our planet. Clean, cool water is precious and always will be...go play in it!

Note from the Editor:: and we totally "get it!"
Here are excellent resources for saving and keeping our resources and water clean!

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