Wednesday, September 22, 2010

RED CROSS Hometown Hero Awards for WET Guides!

RED CROSS Hometown Hero Award for WET River Trips Guides

RED CROSS - Hometown Heroes

On a beautiful June in 2010, our guides were preparing a lunch on a
South Fork American river trip for our guests. One of the guests started yelling, "There's a person in the river! He's not moving!"

Alex, Nate and Jason ran down to the river to see a lifeless child moving fast in the swift water. They jumped into a tethered raft, paddled as hard as they could and quickly reached the child.

Life saving measures were executed by these trained professionals with
Red Cross training in First Aid, CPR and also Wilderness Responder.
RED CROSS Hometown Hero poster of WET Guides Alex and Nate

The three guides, Alex, Nate and Jason, brought the child back to life. Alex then ran an adrenalin-pumping one mile up stream over trees, boulders and river to see if there was anyone else in jeopardy. He found the child's parent and their friends and let the Dad know his son was alive and safe.
RED CROSS Salutes WET Guides, Alex, Nate & Jason

The Red Cross heard about the rescue through the whitewater rafting community. They verified the story with the regulatory agencies on that river... and then they called our office. As the story unfolded, the Red Cross representative asked our company to submit the information in behalf of the guides.
jason, nate (his son), alex & joseph (saved boy)
A Red Cross award ceremony hosted by KCRA TV showed a film with an interview of the guides. A beautiful luncheon accompanied the ceremony honoring Alex, Nate and Jason for being Hometown Heroes!
RED CROSS Hometown Hero : Joseph's life was saved by WET Guides in June 2010

All three guides have worked for WET for over 10 years or more. They are professionals that put their lives last when it comes to providing a safe environment for our regular commercial guests. They have done river rescues in the past where they have faced death and lived to tell about it.
RED CROSS Hometown Hero Award ceremony
This rescue saved the life of a young boy who now has an opportunity to share water safety and life saving measures with his friends and family. We hope Joseph has a wonderful future of life, love and prosperity!
Hometown Heroes : jason, nate, alex & joseph

Congratulations! to WET River Trips' guides for their incredible rescue that day. Hats off to Alex, Nate & Jason for putting their own lives at risk to save another.
WET Guide Alex w/ the boy he saved, Joseph

For those of you who dream of becoming a professional whitewater guide, here are some resources for you wannabes:
RED CROSS Hometown Heroes Award Luncheon


Patrick Havens said...

Thanks again for all you've done. It was a joy to meet all three of you.

BigPoppaJah said...

We are incredibly proud of Jason, Alex, and Nathan. We also know that our guides are an amazing group of men and women that are extraordinarily dedicated to the saftey of our clients and the entire river commonubnity. We are grateful for the generous recognition provided by the American Red Cross of these River Professionals and the work that they do!

W.E.T. River Trips - said...

Alex, Nathan and Jason showed all of us the everyday courage that comes with being in a wilderness or outdoor setting. This time they were able to prevent a child from drowning.

Everyday, our professional guides put themselves on the line with each trip they do on the river. Everyday, they do that trip successfully without incident.

We are so thankful that our three guides were there to apply heroic measures to save a child! Joseph is destined for something special in his future. And, we hope to see it!