Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy California

At the headwaters of our South Fork American River, 175 inches of snow has fallen this season at Kirkwood Resort...108 inches of luscious California snow fell in the last 72 hours! Oh, 2011 whitewater is looking mighty fine.

Thanks & Praises.

In these times of economic recovery, a gift of ski-able, board-able snow creates an opportunity for our brothers and sisters in the ski resort industry to get a great start in providing a quality experience for clients as well as creating thousands of jobs at the resorts and in the service sectors that support the movement of skiers and boarders in and out of the resorts.


As that snow piles up, the whitewater rafting enthusiasts wait ...knowing that the melt will come in the early spring!

Thanks & Praises!

Today, in my neighborhood, I was visited by four wild turkeys. Living in an urban environment with cars, street pavement, sidewalks, and hydro-seeded lawns; yet, these wild turkeys came to visit and munch bugs and seeds in the side yard. I guess they didn't know their cousins were on the menu this Thursday.

Praises & Thanks!

The newly fallen snow in the mountains right before this Thanksgiving holiday is a true gift to us all. The Sierra snows are essential to not only farmers and energy producers, but the recreational aspects do not escape me. Skiing, snowboarders, rafters, kayakers, fishermen, swimmers, hikers, gardeners and the ecosystem are rejoicing in Mother Nature's gift.

At a time when we renew our connections with family and friends at Thanksgiving, the knowledge that the California, Tahoe and Sierras Nevada's are healthy and wrapped in snow with a promise of much needed water. Thanksgiving provides a palpable sense of peace and anticipation of the upcoming California whitewater rafting season.

The renewal of our valuable resources begins with our reconnection with family and friends and continues to spiral outward to our environment and the essential elements of air and water that nurtures, challenges and entertains us.

Thanksgiving is this Thursday and it feels right; snow in the mountains, rain in the Valley, water flowing in the creeks and rivers, the family coming together, and turkeys running wild in the yard.
Don't waste these gifts: family, friends, health, snow, and ...yes; whitewater. Everything comes together.

Thanks & Praises...Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks to Big Poppah for this Thanksgiving post.
Note from editor: we wanted to share the Byrds' version of "Turn, Turn, Turn" but the arm of power (rhythms with bony) came down on us and said no. The video we ended up with was so heartfelt that we thought you would enjoy it purely for the sentiment. And the other one is for the lyrics... Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones! Stay safe on the roads...

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