Friday, February 04, 2011

Rafting for Groups

The calls are coming in requesting pricing for group rafting trips. The scouts, families, bachelors, companies and friends are calling for the yearly fix of whitewater rafting. We don't sell sorrow; medicine for illness or a service to make you lose weight. We don't sell drama; fixing your car after an accident or counseling you during a divorce. We don't sell a vice; providing you with tobacco, alcohol or gambling.

We sell joy, happiness and adventure. We sell a personal journey. Our trips make you feel good without compromising your beliefs, religion or way of life. You come to us to share a joyful time in your life. We provide the means to do just that safely.

Not many of us in business have this privilege of selling you a dream or personal challenge. The ski industry does that, whitewater rafting companies do that, and most of the adventure travel industry do that everyday somewhere on this earth. We are the lucky ones.

The profit margin is low, but the joy we feel when you share your words, your photos or your friends and family with us is the greatest reward that any company can receive. And, we want to thank you all for that. Now, here's to 2011 and a great whitewater rafting season!

W.E.T. will be on the water on March 4th / Friday. Both rivers will be available at that time; South Fork American and Class 4+ North Fork American Chamberlain Falls run. Come on out... wetsuits are on us!

Note: More videos can be found on WET Youtube channel
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