Friday, September 07, 2012


I got busted. I logged into my Google+ profile, and lo and behold! There was an account alert. "Please edit your profile to reflect your real name... blah blah blah..." Gee whiz. I was using this company name, WET River Trips, instead, but I did have in my profile, who I was, who I worked for and everything else that was completely real. Grrrr.

But, the sense of relief was a bit overwhelming. Whew. I don't have to hide anymore. Yes, I work for W.E.T. River Trips as their marketing geek, and I am the one who creates all the internet properties along with the other members in my team. But, to not have to hide is kinda unreal. Facebook already told me that, when I finally relented and entered their realm a few years ago.

I started thinking, "...why was I hiding?" Was I hiding from other marketers? Or was I just loving the anonymity of being on the net as my nickname or my company profile?

I read Randi Zuckerberg's missive on anonymity online. Randi says it 'has to go away.' She explains about harassment and cyberbullying. Hmmm... yes, I know our company, and I have been harassed on several occasions throughout our marketing campaigns over these 30+ years. Annoying and dangerous, we have fended off their arrows every single year.

W.E.T. River Trips, California whitewater, CAL Salmon River, Klamath River, class 5, rapids

So, here is what is out there now. I am Elizabeth Lopez both on Facebook and Google+. So, all you reading this, please check out our business pages for WET River Trips or W.E.T. River Trips. Then, click the "Like" or "+1" button, please. Otherwise, just keep clicking on the +1 button for me.

Last whitewater trip for 2012 is September 30, 2012 on both South Fork American or Middle Fork American!

Over and out for now...
E. Lopez
WET River Trips 

Thanks to for their privacy image. All other photos belong to W.E.T. River Trips, Big Poppah Jah, and me!

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