Friday, December 14, 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

December 14, 2012
Sandy Hook Elementary School
Mass Shooting
glock & sig-sauer handguns
.223 bushmaster rifle

20 children dead in Conneticut
6 adults including gunman

flag lowered to half-mast
world wide sorrow
obama speaks tearfully
news media event

These are the sparse details. I don't know why or what happened. All I know is this; history repeats itself. This isn't the first time. And, it won't be the last time. This time, this mass shooting occurred right before Christmas. Right before Christmas break. At the school. All those kids. All those teachers. The gunman was after his educator mother. She was a school teacher. The gunman, only 24 years old, killed his mother during that horrible shooting. He also killed the Principal, psychologist, and other adults. And, the 20 children. 20 kids. 20 kids waiting for Santa, waiting for Christmas morning... sitting in class decorated for holidays. Maybe singing holiday songs. Little kids.

Please think of these families during your holidays. Please keep them in your heart.

My heart is broken... shattered.

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