Monday, March 25, 2013

LATE GUESTS...Late Arrivals

Sun is streaming through the trees, bathing the sidewalk in a bright light that is almost painful to view after months of dark clouds and gray fog. The neighbors are having their annual spring sidewalk sale. Cars zipping up to park and people milling around as I could hear their voices this early morning. Peaceful day, and I was drinking my tea and peering through the window glass at the shoppers.

Brring, brring... the phone. And, for me, the early morning ring can only mean one thing. A guest is lost or late. Every single day. Someone is late.
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When the guest calls, they usually say, "Hi, I am so-and-so... and we will be there in 10 more minutes. Please wait for us."

I am instructed to ask the caller where they are, so I can get an accurate timing on what to tell the head guides and our greeter on the guest's arrival time. Sounds simple, right? Wrong! The guest does not know the route!

Guests are coming here to Lotus Coloma from all locations of the universe. Some people are neighbors in the local area. Others are from Sacramento, just about 45 minutes away and other valley towns like Lodi, Modesto, etc. While most may come from the Bay Area such as San Francisco, San Jose, and all other bay area locations approximately 3 hours away. And, of course, all our Southern California friends who drive all night or fly-in to Sacramento International Airport, and then drive-in on the morning or the night before.

So, how do we expect ANYONE to arrive on time?

Here is what we suggest:
  1. Read confirmation as soon as you receive it; be prepared, check your links, and plan ahead.
  2. Trial drive; for those who are nearby and can take a day to "practice" that drive (lots to do and see up here! pack a lunch and picnic at one of the locations in the area near the river)
  3. Google maps; no excuses, peeps! Maps galore on the internet and we give you the address in your confirmation.
  4. Plan your timing; if you know the kids/friends/group procrastinate, plan for that.
  5. Japan time; ok, but that is what my mom called it (Japanese mother who always claimed that she was late due to "Japan time" so everyone at my house had to get up 1 hour earlier than necessary).
  6. Consideration; for your fellow human beings, and it's called good manners.

Do what it takes to arrive on time. Why? Because the other guests do not like waiting for you, and neither does the river. Relax and enjoy your day by planning ahead and being on time. I guarantee you will be more light-hearted when you arrive... and that is where we want the river to take us, if you allow your heart and soul to receive that precious gift.

Ok, now I ragged on you all... but, keep in mind. Once you get on that beautiful river, nothing will matter. That harried morning, the crazy drive... the morning will fade away as you will slow down to river time. And the rush of whitewater? Oh, what a thrill! Nothing matters anymore... except your loved ones... and spending this time on the river with them is pure joy!

W.E.T. paddler on North Fork American River
God bless, Namaste
I'm on the phones!
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Spring and Summer whitewater rafting trips look to be ....amazing!!!!!