Thursday, May 09, 2013

Exercise, Let's Walk!

May brings warm weather, and the thoughts of summer vacations. Thoughts of hiking with your family, rafting with the kids, camping with multiple generations and exploring and enjoying California's landscape of beauty, nature and life are paramount now.

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We are all getting older. The knees ache from skiing, the back is sore from those past years of playing basketball or soccer. Or maybe you were a runner pounding the pavement in those Nike's. Or maybe you just never really exercised before!

Why do we bring this up? We want each of our guests to enjoy themselves completely on our whitewater rafting trips. How can you enjoy this sport even more?

If you are planning a river trip this summer, start now. Get off the couch, push away the chair from the computer desk and turn off that tv. You got to start walking. What better way to enjoy your time with us than to prepare with your family.

Active Seniors Rafting!
Multiple generations enjoy rafting!
Every evening before/after dinner, gather everyone in the family together and announce that you will all be walking together for 15 - 30 minutes each day. The days are long so there will be sunlight until 9PM. Make it fun. If you have little ones, they will enjoy the "I Spy" game where everyone has to be on the look-out for something special designated by the leader (Dad or Mom).

If you are cajoling teens, tell them to bring their cell phones, and that they can either talk to friends or check their text messages as they walk. Pssss... once they start walking, they will talk to you, the parents. I guarantee that. Just imagine sharing the day with them. Listen to their stories. You will gain huge insights to their daily teen lives.

Family exercising and walking together
And, for you. Hold hands with each other. The warm embrace of a warm, friendly hand does so much good for your spirit. You will enjoy those walks. And your body will thank you. You will drop a little weight, you will gain stamina, and you will be ready for your whitewater trip.

No more excuses! Enjoy your life with your family, and your life will be a blessing of love and joy. And, believe me, you will be ready for anything!

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Written: Staff of W.E.T. River Trips
Photos: of family walking
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