Monday, December 09, 2013

Give, Ski and Dream of Rafting

Bear Mountain Ski School
Oh, yes, there is skiing in California. We just had real weather. The kind of weather that chills you to the bone. East coast kinda weather with parkas, headgear, Uggs on our feet, and wool scarves. Holy moly! We all looked like a bunch of New Yorkers walking the streets of Manhattan...

Weather rules. Skiing is taken for granted every winter. Sierra Nevada mountains are glorious with the cap of a deep snowpack. That snow draws so many skiiers and recreationalists. The mountains are so beautiful that many tourists have ended up living on the summit drawn by the allure and mystery of Gold Rush history, Donner Party tales and the Sierra Nevada.

I love skiing. It's a sport that is as 'lonely' as surfing. You do it alone. I drive up to the mountain with friends or by myself, as I got tired of skiing friends who just didn't want to get up early to hit the slopes.

When I ski, I dream about the river. I dream about the snow melting in early season and turning into that crystal clear water flowing down through the mountaineous terrain, and cutting deep into the sediment and rock and changing the river.

WET River Trips 2-day Middle Fork American
Friends, Family Rafting

I dream about my friends and family getting together to celebrate the river. Celebrating the river rafting together is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors. California whitewater rafting is an outdoor sport to be shared together!

That is why, I run rivers every year. The river changes every spring and continues to change based on flows. The river is dynamic. And, in it's dynamic plunge towards the ocean, the river is a spiritual body of living particles and life that reminds each of us that the river remains forever if we allow it to flow.

GIVE to others!

Peace out.
Merry Christmas.
Remember the poor; donate to the food closests.
Invite an older, housebound neighbor to dinner.
Bring Christmas dinner to anyone in your neighborhood who is elderly or ill.
When giving gifts; think of our world and all the children.
We will remember each of you with our prayers and thanks.

Happy Holidays! Goodness, it is almost time for Christmas!

Much love,
W.E.T. River Trips
since 1978 in California, USA

All photos belong to W.E.T. River Trips.
Bear Mountain pic; thank you to Bear Mountain!
Greater Good pic;  thank you UC Berkeley!

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