Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bachelor Groups and Whitewater Rafting

Rain has started again, and we are thrilled! This past Saturday, we had a great group of guys celebrating their friend's impending wedding. Bachelor groups come on river trips for the comraderie and the whitewater rapids.

The group came from afar and landed in sunny California. Very sunny for this time of year. Usually, March is a battle between sun and rain and snow. This year, sunshine has been in the sky throughout this winter. Thus, when we received the calls from this group, we knew they would have a great day on the rafting trip.

All showed up the day before the trip. Camping with dinner served and made by our guides, provided the guests with plenty of food and refreshments after their long drive. They slept well and were up the next morning ready to tackle the river.

Chili Bar section is the first 10.5 miles on South Fork American river. The first 10.5 miles is a ripping section of whitewater rapids. Chili Bar Hole, Meatgrinder (1/4 of a mile rapid), Race Horse Bend, Triple Threat and then lunch. We like to surf Chili Bar Hole as it helps to hone the skills of anyone there. Troublemaker is the big rapid on this section after lunch.

Many of us also like the Gorge section, 11 mi because it starts off very slow and mellow with easy rapids. Perfect for those who may have young children. You'll hit the rapids after lunch. The big rapid on this section is called Satan's Cesspool. Hospital Bar, and more class 3 rapids come after that until you end in Folsom Lake.

 The guides had fun, the guests had fun and even our office staff had fun talking with them. Their group leader was very organized and everything went smoothly despite the last minute changes that were implemented by our field staff. The guests ended up staying longer and adding a couple more options to their trip.

This is the best bachelor event! How else would you bond with your best friends? They had a blast on the river and in camp. No wonder bachelor groups, both male and female, do whitewater trips with us. WET River Trips practically invented the special event categories in our industry. We take wedding groups, bachelor groups, family reunions, anniversaries, graduations and more.

Now our entire industry is on the same page. Whitewater rafting is not just for the hardcore athlete. We provide a special service for those of you who love the outdoors, and the water. And as David Quammen said in his book, "Natural Acts," a collection of essays about natural places, riparian life and rivers, he wrote a paragraph that speaks to me this very day.

One of the essays, "Living Water" so rocked my soul that I would like to share it here. Quammen wrote, "It is an exaggeration to say 'Water is Life," an ubiquitousness, and perhaps the importance, certainly the durability, of life. Water came first, necessarily. Without life, there would still be water. Without water, no life."

Water and rivers... it's where I want to be.

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