Monday, June 30, 2014

4th of July 2014 with W.E.T. River Trips

Monday, before the 4th of July, is usually full of chaos at the office. All last minute plans go into effect as everyone tries desperately to make a holiday for that 3-day weekend.  Like me. Oh, yes, I had plans. Multiple plans that went by the wayside as each day ticked by and now, it's Monday. Monday before the Fourth of July! Emails and phone calls will be extreme this week... weather will be hot this week, too!
4th of July with WET River Trips will keep you cool!

Discounts, Deals: 7/2/Wed; 7/3/Thurs; 7/4/Frid; 7/5/Sat; 7/6/Sun:::

One day trips
1-day South Fork American Chili Bar run with lunch
1-day South Fork American Gorge run with lunch
1-day Middle Fork American Tunnel Chute run with lunch

All include (1) night camping
2-day South Fork American Standard at Camp Lotus with (4) meals
2-day South Fork American Wilderness Camp with (4) meals
2-day Middle Fork American Wilderness Trip with (4) meals
2-day American River Combo (2 rivers in 2 days)

Multiple day trips
3-day Middle Fork American Wilderness Trip
3-day American River Combo (2 rivers in 3 days)

Call us for pricing: 888.723.8938
Best rates: Groups of (12) people or more

Photo: BigPoppah and on WET Flickr
Post by: ~EL


Thiago daLuz said...

One of my friends is getting a white water rafting package for his family next summer. They're big outdoorsy types, so it's a great fit for them. I may have to try it out myself sometime. Thiago |

Hickory Poscery said...

I love whitewater rafting and want to take my son on a trip soon. He is only 10, though. How old do kids have to be to go on a whitewater rafting trip?

Marine Kopp said...

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Rik Mac said...

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