Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Dog Days of Summer

The dog days of summer are here. 100 degrees... but this has been the mildest summer that I have ever seen. Beautiful weather, clear skies and great rafting trips! It's vacation time for families and friends. Everyone is trying to get the last vacation plans on their California rafting trips.

Dam controlled rivers such as the South Fork American, Tuolumne and Middle Fork American will be raftable throughout the rest of this summer. Those of you, in the know, will want to bring your family, friends and colleagues on these summer river rafting trips for a memorable time on the river. This is the best time for the younger kids and the more timid rafters or beginners.

Those of you who may have done Class 3 rafting before, should check out the Middle Fork American. Guides are saying that the top of Tunnel Chute is getting a little "sticky" and they notice that the run is harder this year. We just did a beautiful two day wilderness rafting trip on the Middle Fork American. The people were from Southern and Northern California. Everyone came off the trip replenished and refreshed... even the guides were in nirvana land. Sigh... what a beautiful river corridor... and W.E.T. was the only outfitter on the river for two whole days! A real wilderness rafting adventure!

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