Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Rafting Teens

Oh, I spoke too soon! The weather has been at extreme temperatures of 107 to 108 and up to 110 degrees this past week. People came out in droves! With the weather at its peak summer temperatures, we recommend that you come prepared for your skin protection. Sunblock, sunblock and more sunblock is the key! With your kids, consider even long sleeve protection... and even long pants. It's getting hard to keep the people in the boats, now. Everyone wants to swim and float in the river; escaping the heat. This is the best time to bring the beginners, novices and families to go rafting on the American River.

We just got a call from two people who were adamant about NOT going down the river with kids. That is a sad request. We welcome families and we hope our guests welcome them, too. These are the kids that will be our future clientele and our future guides. Be kind to children and teens. They have a hard job ahead of school, parental pressures & career choices. Try to remember being that age... try to capture the same young enthusiasm for rafting that these kids will bring. It is sad that anyone could frown upon children, teens and their families... be nice... enjoy their youthful escapades!

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