Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving Thanks!

This writer would like to give thanks for the many people, places and things that have brought joy and fulfillment to my life.

First my family; their support and love have been complete without exception. The beautiful rivers, streams and natural places that I have visited; God's gift to me, and believe me, I relish those moments of utter quiet and reflection. And the things... the organizations, the hardware to create this website, the rafts and gear that allow me to enjoy my family and rivers... Good health, happiness and strength. Music that keeps my head on the river even when I am not there. All this, I am thankful.

For those of you who have suffered loss and sadness this year, try to find a way to be thankful for all that you do have. This Thanksgiving finds our country in strife both on our shores and on foreign shores. We have seen major natural disasters that have faced both our countrymen and others. Daily we face disappointments and pure joy. Life is all about contrasts.

Eat a bunch of turkey, roll around on the floor while hugging your children, your spouse. Keep your friends close to your heart. If you have enemies, hug them anyway or at least keep an open mind. Have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving!

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