Monday, November 28, 2005

Brazil Rivers - First Descents

Storms are coming in... finally! Rain and some snow in the higher elevations... and good ol' Boreal has opened. Ryan Mac, one of our safety kayakers and also, one of our guides, has put together an exploratory rafting and kayaking trip to Brazil. Calling the Expedition "Chasing 50," Ryan, and the team will be traveling through 7 states, visiting over 20 National Parks in 15 different mountain ranges in an effort to surpass 50 River First Descents on Class 4 - 5 rivers in only 3 months! For info on sponsorships, please click here for further information on "Chasing 50."

Our own W.E.T. River Trips is sponsoring Ryan and the "Chasing 50" team because we support the exploration of new rivers and new rafting programs. To be able to, someday, experience the rivers that this team will be seeing for the first time is one of the best reasons to lend support. We can't wait for the stories to come out of this exploratory river trip!

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