Friday, October 27, 2006

North Fork American River

During this winter, watch the flow charts for the popular North Fork American Class 4+ run after a storm or heavy rain. You'll see the flows come up and you'll also see the kayakers arrive. I came across a very cool blog site from a Japanese paddler that lives in Davis, California. Check out his North Fork description with his kayak pictures.

I just love surfing the net for blogs and news items about rafting.north fork american paddlers It keeps me close to the action when the season is over. California Whitewater Rafting is a description site full of info on California rivers. Check out Kevsmom for a recent description about a "Mystery Run." These are true blue lovers of rivers. Even when the commercial rafting scene is over, everyone who paddles still comes out whenever there's a drop or a rapid to negotiate. It's a habit and an addiction. Also, check out CaCreeks' website for general river descriptions for kayakers and paddlers. Lots to check out here and lots of pictures to see.

New rafting sites pop up everyday, but, I have a tendency to use the ones mentioned on a regular basis. W.E.T. River Trips' rafting news has become popular as well as their company rafting blog for California rafting information and updates.

Over at the American River website, the well-known forum was finally "done-in" by the nasty spammers. But, in its demise, comes a beautiful news page with lots of updates on the South Fork American and the American River in general. So many talented bloggers, news agents, webdesigners and webmasters are creating great resources for our industry. The more, the better in order to promote rafting, kayaking, and paddling for our California whitewater industry.
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