Monday, October 02, 2006

Team Building Sessions

School's giving way too much work. This goon would rather not work so hard. The incoming students look so young and blissful... unaware that SAT's are just around the corner. It's the end of the rafting season and October is peeking its scarey cold head around the corner. Like a jack-o-lantern, it can make you smile or it can put the fear of God in you. I've seen October hot for 25 days, and I've experienced it when the snow fell and buried the summit. No sooner do you put away the summer clothes, then to have the weather change again back into the high 80's. The cool breeze and muted light tells us Fall is approaching.

A few rafting companies are out there on the South Fork American, enjoying solitude with whitewater rapids. Seems like a lot of corporate groups are out doing their team-building thing. What's that anyway? You got to work as a team when you're paddling together. It's obvious. What better way to teach and create a cooperative group?

Team building is based on experiential training. The philosophy is one of comparative teaching as it is applied to business and education training. Why sit in an office with your "team" talking about "working together," creating a cohesive working group with the sole purpose to successfully implement a goal or project when you can demonstrate that focus by rafting or climbing or hiking in wilderness areas. How better to show that training by paddling together and successfully running a rapid without flipping? That's real team building training! And that's why so many corperate groups are out right now doing just that.

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