Friday, April 27, 2007

Bush Boogie

Watching Bush dance at the Malaria Awareness Event with the West African dancers made me wince. You could tell he felt a bit awkward at first as he started to "get down" with the music. Then , he cut loose. The man's got rhythm! I was a little embarrassed; much like a teen would be watching his parents trying to be cool. Sigh... he seems like such a nice guy. I'd love to party with the man, you know. His past background is riddled with rumors of drunken frat parties and more. You just know that he'd be the life of a party if only he wasn't the President of the United States of America.

It makes you wonder. Is he the typical trust fund baby who was coddled by his wealthy parents? Was he pushed into a college because his father was in a position of power? Is that why Dubya had poor grades and a reputation for being a party animal in school? He was like a lot of wealthy kids. Just occupying space because he was suppose to graduate from a prestigious school.

From his parent's power base, he became our president. The awkwardness of his position is evident each time he has to "wing it." He resorts to cliche phrases and canned responses. He's been groomed to this position even though I think deep down, most of us feel that he is definitely in over his head.

The real power lies in the old guard. They are the ones who have been in power these last few years, not Dubya. The fiasco of Iraq, the excruciating slow response to Katrina, the lack of leadership on health care, the seemingly naive attitude about our economy and our recent public image to the world has been overwhelming.

I grew up in a honorable military family. Where I lived, we were required to pledge our allegiance to our country every single morning. And during the day, when the alarmed was sounded, we stopped where ever we were, and we faced the flag with our hand on our heart until it ended. I grew up respecting the military and my country. I was told countless times that freedom, liberty, free speech and religious freedom were the cornerstones of this great nation.

What has happened in the last few years is frightening. Our country has lost part of its soul. Instead of condemning torture, our leaders make excuses. Instead of regulating our food, our drugs, our leaders allow these companies to operate without the past regulations that kept us safe. Instead of allowing environmental scientists the ability to research and publish their findings, this administration has deliberately hampered science's efforts in conservation or in anything that goes against the giants of industry. What is going on?

And as far as Dubya? I'll party with him anytime. I just don't want him to be our president anymore.

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