Saturday, April 14, 2007

Spring Break IS OVER

And I'm so thankful to be home. I was back in my home town of Sacramento for the week, and while it was lovely to have a break and socialize with family and friends I feel so much more content and at ease now that I'm back into my studies.

Am I the super nerd? Should I start a sorority branch of Lambda Lambda Lambda?

Perhaps not, but in the meantime I still wear the praise of UC life on my face and on my lapel.

And on top of the fact that I get to read great literature, study current events, see performances and have all of it count as work I also get the opportunity to interact with people in the most ridiculous of ways. So... speaking of Sororities:

Today, for instance, I was on my way to Kroebber Hall for my English class when I was approached by a dashing young man named Corey Jackson. Currently, Cal is getting ready to hold elections for the student action committee. The meat market near south gate was transformed into a sea of signs and slippery flyers advertising attractive young people to lead the Greeks.

Anyway, back to Mr. Jackson. I was walking over to say greetings to a couple of classmates when he was suddenly in my path with a flyer in his hand.

"Who are you voting for in the elections?" He asked me.
"Nobody." I answered simply.
"Is there a reason, or do you not care?"
"Haven't investigated anyone yet."
"Well, I'm running and I have a flyer here..."
"What would you give me for a vote?"
"Give you?"
"Would you give me money?"
"Are you part of a student group?"
"Then I'm afraid not. I will be giving money to student groups should I be--"
"Would you be willing to give me anything else?"

He laughed and my new friend Rose jumped in and offered to help hand out flyers if he gave her money (The Fund Rosie Foundation). I had abandoned the notion of getting any cash out of him (and I wasn't serious to begin with) and had simply gone for trying to make him laugh and blush a little. He was admittedly adorable. I took his flyer and he went on his merry way. I've since looked him up. What's hilarious is that he's actually worth my vote.

I love Cal so much. The folk here react well to my special brand of humor.

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