Friday, June 01, 2007

Finals Done, School's Out

So I finished out my first semester at Cal with three B's and an A. My best report card? No. But it was my first semester. I decided to take it somewhat easy. Adjust. Ease myself into the whirling tornado of post-secondary school.

Finals were a trip and a half. The first I had was on a Saturday. Modern Literature: English 45C. I had three hours to identify and explain ten quotes and write two essays. When I finished I had carpel tunnel syndrome in my right hand and an hour of time left. I walked out of there in a daze and caught the bus home.

My second final was for a theater class. Performance studies. It was a group performance final exploring the concerns of the various scholars we studied; Judith Butler, J.L. Austin. My group did an interpretive recitation of Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven. It was a blast and a half. I'm considering buying the DVD the GSI made.

The Final final took place in the beautiful hotel-esque Giannini Hall. It was for my Interdisciplinary Studies course "Representation of Self Deception in the Modern World." I rocked it. I was thrilled. I went home and my roommates made me a great dinner.

So what in the world am I doing now? Well, right now I'm enjoying Luc Besson's The Fifth Element and looking for a new apartment. I currently live in Emeryville and the commute has gotten thoroughly old.

So new apartment. New Job. Ugh. Retail? Most likely. I am somewhat hoping to get back into acting this summer. Recently took a new headshot. I am very excited. A summer production over selling accessories on 4th Street? I think so...

But for now... I will sit... and I will send out my resume. Oh the joys of being sort of a grownup...

Congrats! Steph's first semester at Cal was a success! Now let's go rafting...

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