Friday, May 25, 2007

My Little NoFo

The North Fork American is one of the forks of the American River. Just northeast of Sacramento, California, this river is a popular whitewater rafting trip for advanced paddlers. It's season is brief and challenging. The last scheduled trip was just this past weekend, and we say goodbye to it's beautiful rocks and rapids until 2008. W.E.T. River Trips will now focus on the main Klamath River, South Fork American, and Middle Fork American for the rest of the 2007 Season. Call us for summer rafting and special discounts!

my little nofo

you, the precious one
the river of my dreams
crystalline waters flowing from snow
i love you so...

you, unconquerable
just tolerating us,
allowing us to stroke your hair
caring for us in your magical way
then striking us when we don't respect

my little nofo
you, the most vulnerable
others would destroy you
capture you in a man-made box
drowning you in our sorrow
oh, i love you so

my little nofo
we bid farewell for now
until tomorrow
when the snow arrives
and the sun shines
we'll meet again

"Ode to the North Fork American"

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