Monday, January 07, 2008

2008 Rafting Trips Coming Up

Relax. It's snowing and in the words of Mr. Bob Marley, "Every little 'ting gonna be all right!"

I just got hooked up by "What-would-Ian-do?" with a new Burton Baron ES to replace my aging snowboard, and I'm ready to go find Nate in his Ski Patrol Hut at Kirkwood and Heffe regulating at Sierra while Bird rules the Magic Carpet. (look for a large speeding object carving old-school Euro-stance). I've also got some key motorcycle rides planned.... shhhh.

With the New Year in our grasp, we've officially opened up a new season of rafting. The early season is river guide heaven: rivers are flowing, snow is still in the hills, the dirt roads are dust-free, and the asphalt twisty roads are oil-free (another reference to those motorcycle rides.... shhhh).

I'm not shocked by the flotilla of rafts and kayaks on the South Fork American every January 1st (Country Mike?). New Year's Day rafting trips are a local tradition, and this year it was definitely raftable. W.E.T. was seen and makes the Scene... yes, we do that.

By the way... Sollie just sent in a pic of himself sitting in the snow in Ottawa in front of a McDonalds eating the regional favorite: Poutine (french fries covered in gravy and cheese curds). Luckily, he's now on his way to the Bay of Panama to celebrate his anniversary and New Year's in hot, tropical weather (mmmmm....more Poutine!).

Drew and Jonny have new babies, Greg D got married, Bird and Heffe have jobs, Maggie is officially a senior in college, Dax, Mr. Concierge is banking cash, Booty is Deep into the snowboard business, Cool J might still be on that couch in San Jose, Wolf is set on getting the turbo Volvo back onto the road, SanJia is possible attending school in Maine while living in a tent, Country Mike will soon own Gold River, JustinO is getting in the best shape of his life, and I've got to check on the others....stay tuned.

And like Bob also said..."'Don't worry about a 'ting!"

UPDATE: Kirkwood Ski Resort just got 11 feet of new snow, puppies!

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Thanks to Wikipedia for the (ahem) tasty photo! Yum!

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