Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Vacation: Sollie's Letter

Hi everyone!
I was dreaming of a White Christmas. And, I did see Santa head south just before the big day - he was headed for the North Pole! Oh, he was. As I sit on the computer, I glance outside. Today is cold. Not like yesterday which was "warm." I can't tell the difference, but that is what they tell me. (Thanks Sollie for the dream... we just got a major snow storm out here in California!)

I am in Ottawa. It's beautiful, if snow is your thing. They have been having an especially cold winter and have already received 162 centimeters of snow - whatever that is (Americans... we use parts of our body for measurement.. ha!). It's actually pretty cool... they plow the streets and as a result there are giant snow walls on either side. So when you come to a intersection, you cannot see any cars coming until you creep out midway. Not that your brakes work anyway.

Otherwise, things are great, and best of all, we will be going curling in two days! These Canadians are walking with a certain air of cockiness thanks to their superior dollar exchange. It's a bit humbling. Come on Rob! Can't you win the presidency so we can re-establish our world dominance!!

Rene's niece and nephew are 4 and 7 and were just giddy about Christmas. So was I. I have been especially good this year, and I got everything I wanted on my list. (Did you get a new kayak?)

We had an uneventful flight out here except a small delay at the California Orange County Airport, and the delay at Chicago, causing us to land in Ottawa at 3 am. So it was a long day. Thanks to Rene's frequent flier status, they bumped us to first class which made it tolerable.

Other than that, Rene and I are going to be celebrating our first wedding anniversary in a few days. We must be having fun, as it seems like just yesterday when we were in Maui with everybody eating those 4-foot burritos and sailing with the humpback whales.

We will be flying to Miami to meet up with Gee and Fit, and from there, flying to Panama City to board the Melody with Bor and Nig for a few days. We will be cruising around the Pearl Islands in the Gulf of Panama... supposed to be the best fishing in the Pacific. And the white sandy and vacated beaches and snorkeling are as nice as the rumors told.

Much love to everyone for this 2008 new year! (it's holiday for me, I'm still vacationing!)

Note from staff: Gee Sollie, rub it in! Remember W.E.T. river trips are starting in 3 weeks!!!!

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