Monday, December 08, 2008


Another year has come and is quickly disappearing into the fading memories of my brain. What a whirlwind this year for our company W.E.T. River Trips. And, here we are now, facing another holiday season. Lots has happened in the last few months including a new president for our country. Woot!

Economy is a great concern for many of you and yet, holidays beckon with a lot of expenses... namely gift giving. This year, like previous years, I won't be giving the usual holiday gifts. My friends have enough stuff in their homes to open up a brick and mortar
retail store! They don't want a goofy ceramic mug or silk tie or some tacky home decor item. Yes, I know... it's the thought that counts. YES... the thought...

So, think. You know your friends. You know what they want. They want something that makes memories. Something that brings joy and a thrill to the everyday lives that we lead. Gift certificates for dinner, gift certs for rafting, holiday gifts of food... these are better choices for my friends. They don't want something that just clutters their lives or forces them out to the mall to return a gift.

Make it easy on yourself. Use the
online store or call us direct. We have great adventure options for you and your friends. 2009 is almost here! Let's get on the river and do some rafting!


White Water Rafting :: river rafting for teens and adults, a perfect gift for an active family
Surfing Lessons :: California surfing! Got a goofy-foot? Surf wet waves in Cali!
Hot Air Balloon Ride over Wine Country :: a great gift for the less active but adventurous spirit
Wine of the Month :: perfect for the wine lover or new wine drinker (that's an adventure!)
Race Car Driving :: G-forces! Perfect for the speed demon in the family who loves cars
Mountain Biking :: Tahoe rides described in a great guide book for the mountain biker
Women's Adventures :: Sea kayaking for active women of all levels
Men's Trips :: Resource Q & A for gay adventure travel by Hanns Ebensten

Happy Holidays fellow adventurers... and we will see you all for a great
California whitewater rafting trip in 2009! Party on... woot!

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