Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Perfect Storm

Ok ...check this: 13 feet of snow in 13 days and the storms stop two days before Christmas Day. The next 10 days are forecast to be clear and mild....Perfect timing. Perfect storm(s). Perfect...Just perfect. The 2009 whitewater rafting season looks to be solid!

Last year at this time, the snow pack was 56% of normal. The snowpack that feeds the North Fork American, Middle Fork American, and South Fork American Rivers is now at over 86%...30% more water than last year and last year was pretty awesome!

The news from the Northern rivers is even better with over 100% of snowfall on the Siskiyou and Lower Cascades Mountain Ranges that feed the Klamath, and California Salmon Rivers. Again...perfect!

Keep on eye on the snow packs @ Kirkwood and Sugar Bowl..for a few really good reasons: to plan you next few months of Boarding and skiing and to Book those early group rafting trips on the North and South Fork American Rivers. Also, the Middle Fork kicks in when the run-off starts to subside. The California trips fire up in March and then it is simply....ON!

Perfect Storm?...Bring it!

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