Thursday, March 10, 2011

North Fork American - March 4, 2011

Well, W.E.T. started with quite a bang last weekend. The day was sunny, blue skies and the people were great. A couple from the local area, some trainee guides and guests from past trips were all there to start the official first day on the river.

There was a relaxed feeling about that day, too. No stressful late arrivals or surprise add-ons at the last minute. Everyone was prepared and ready to roll onto the Class 4+ whitewater on the North Fork American. Chamberlain Falls is the big rapid there and most had seen it before, so the day was like a reunion of W.E.T., the guides and the guest all paying homage to this most wonderful river trip.

Big Poppah was there, too with a big smile as he waved off the crew as they snaked down the river bobbing and drifting into the big rapids ahead. 2011 rafting season is here, and it seems we just put the last river season to sleep in a blanket of paperwork and file folders.

Flowers are blooming, red bud is starting it's color change to magenta and chrome yellow daffodils are starting to poke their heads out of the ground. Spring in California! Nothing is better than that... absolutely nothing!

Video slide show by: Big Poppah
Blog written and upload by: WET River Trips blogging staff
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